Q: Can I arrange my own Training and still Compete on the Show?

A : Absolutely. All that we ask is that you remain in good contact and check in with us every few weeks so we can monitor your progress.

Q: How Will I be Matched?  

A: Matches are made based on Weight and Boxing Experience. We also take age into consideration at the matching phase. Only Fair matches will be made.

Q: Can I Compete against my Friend?

A: A Common Question. We're happy to make it happen providing you are both a similar Weight and have the same amount of Boxing Experience

Q: Can I Compete without Head guard?

A: Competing without head guard is definitely an Option. This will depend on a Boxers skill set and their ability to defend themselves under pressure. This will be monitored in training and a joint decision between the Training staff and Boxers will be made prior to the event.

Q: What size Boxing Rings do you Supply?

A: We have various sizes available to suit your event. Ranging from 16ft through to 20ft. Each Ring comes fitted with Bell, Stopwatch, Steps and Corner stools.  We send 2 Installers on every hire.

If You have Any Further Questions, Please Contact Us